How many models of office container do you have? What size are there? How big can you build it?

Our office containers mainly have 3 models, namely BH, PH and WH. The size starts at 2.3 x 3.7 m. If you want a larger size, we will bring 2 or more containers to splice and install them. We can build them according to the customer's design.

How much do they cost? With this budget, which model will I get?

Prices start at 75,000 baht per container for the mini model. For the PH model with an economical structure, the prices start at 119,000 baht per container. The WH model has a large structure and can be connected to become a two-tier container office. It starts at 165,000 baht per each.

In terms of materials used, does the container wall has insulation?

The wall is a sandwich panel style. It is a colored metal sheet. The front and back are spliced with insulation in the middle.

Is the container hot? I bought a steel container once. I sat near it and was sweaty.

It depends on the ambient temperature, which is an important factor. But the PU foam insulation will help maintain the inside temperature to be constant and keep the cold and prevent heat from the outside.

Is it necessary to build a roof? Do you have any technicians to make additions?

Our office container are usually suitable for outdoor use. If you want to build a roof, it will help extend the life of the container for a longer time.

How do I prepare for the site?

Initially, in case of a single-tier office container, just grind and compress the soil or pour mortar into the area that needs to be used. In the case of 2-tier connected containers, piling may be required to prevent a collapse of the office container.

Can I install braces and mosquito nets? I'm afraid of burglars.

Yes, you can. You can ask for prices at the Sales Department.

Does the container have leakage? I’m afraid of rain and water leak.

The container leakage is caused by several factors. It may be caused by the site collapse or the wrong move. However, we have a one-year warranty on leaks for new made-to-order office containers (ask for more information at the Sales Department).

Can we drill the wall to make the shelf? I would like to have a beautiful build-in.

Yes, it can be done. But the warranty will be void.Additional advice: 1 sheet of container wall can support approximately 30 kg.

Can I place heavy items?

The container floor can load 100-150 kg. (depending on each model), which things must be placed in a weight distribution.

Where can I buy bulbs?

Our brand uses LED lights. You can find them at any hardware store.

How many BTUs does an air conditioner need to not get hot?

The number of BTUs depends mainly on the size of the room (width x length) and other variables, such as the exposure of the room to sunlight, room ceiling height, the number of people in the room, the number of electrical appliances, etc. But our standard is 18,000 BTU.

Can the containers be spliced? How are the containers connected?

Containers can be spliced together indefinitely. But initially, the site must be tight and not collapse. The main factor for assembling containers is on the site. If the site is not tight, the container collapse will occur and leak, and the doors and windows will become stiff and difficult to open and close.

How is it better to use a container?

It depends on what you compares it to. In the case of leased land, the office container is 100% better than the building construction because when the contract expires, we can move it right away. We pay only a cost for moving, no need to build a new one.

How should we design the office container?

It depends on the usage and the budget you have. In the case of an office that does not need to meet with customers, a standard office container with 1 door and 1 window may be used. In the case of an office that has to meet with customers, the customer may need to add a front glass to allow customers to see. (more or less glass, depending on the budget that the customer has). In the case of vacation homes, it is not recommended to have too many mirrors. (it may not be safe because they rarely stay). In the case of a residential house, it depends on the budget and preferences of the customer.

How long can the office container be used?

The service life is 10 years or more (without letting it deteriorate and keep taking care of it).

How much does the container weigh?

The weight of office container starts at 800 kg.

Can we add a bathroom?

Yes, you can add it. We can block the interior or make a separate container.

Can we add a kitchen for cooking?

Yes, it's fine for western cooking.

Can I relocate the doors and windows?

Yes, you can. It can be made according to the customer’s requirements.

What items do you guarantee and how?

The structure is guaranteed for 2-5 years and leakages for 1 year (depending on the model of the office container you purchased).

What is the floor structure made of?

The structure is pre-zinc galvanized steel.

Before placing the container, does the floor need to be adjusted first?

Initially, adjust the soil by compacting the soil tightly. Usually, we will give office container pillows to customers (using container pillows helps extend the life of the office container).

How is it delivered?

It is transported by a six-wheel truck mounted with a crane.

Is the container on fire? We are afraid of fire.

The insulator is combustible but does not spread the fire. Other materials can be ignited.

After placing the container, how to connect the power to the container?

Jump the external power into the power plug (male) using VCT cable No. 2.5, 4, 6, minimum 2.5, the singer phase type. In the case of the container with air conditioners, use VCT cable no. 6 or higher, power 220 volts. Don’t forget to install the ground wire as well.

The site is difficult to enter and very narrow. Can the container be disassembled?

No problem on the site. We have a connected house container. No matter how small and narrow the area is, we can assemble it.

What is the cut-off value for glass doors and windows?

It can filter about 60% light.

Do you have staff to help design the work for me? Is there a service charge?

You can inform your needs right away. We have the Sales Department to help with the design service free of charge.

If the container is getting old, can I just replace the wall panel?

Yes, you can modify it. Initially, the sheet replacement service fee starts at 3,000 baht per sheet, not including travel expenses.